Free Concussion Baseline Testing

Free Concussion Baseline Testing

ClearEdge Concussion Testing will have FREE Baseline Testing available on Monday, July 31st from 9am – 6pm at Physician’s Premier Emergency Room

Spring Branch (20475 TX-46 Suite 100)

New Braunfels (1850 W State Hwy 46 #109)

What is concussion baseline testing?

It is the same testing that is done post-concussion. By having a baseline test to refer to after a concussion, the doctor has data to assist in determining the effects of the head trauma. After a concussion occurs, it is important to measure how well your brain is functioning post-injury. Knowing this information can assist in planning an effective rehabilitation program.

 What is ClearEdge Concussion testing?

It is cognitive and neuromuscular testing that is done on a tablet and through standardized balance testing. It also includes patient symptoms. The information is used to determine brain function at the time of the test.

The ClearEdge Assessment system will be made available to the public in the next month. This is an opportunity for our athletes/community to take advantage of this cutting edge technology before starting two-a-day practices AND for FREE. Concussion testing is becoming the standard of care for athletes sustaining head injury. Post-injury testing is more effective when there is a Baseline test to compare it with and assess any changes in brain function. The ClearEdge concussion test is a better test because it incorporates neuromuscular (balance) testing with cognitive testing to give a more accurate picture of the athlete’s condition. I highly recommend that all athletes have a ClearEdge Baseline test.

Anyone five years and older are eligible to take the test as long as they are able to stand unassisted. Parents, siblings or other family members who fit the criteria may also participate. Each participant will need to complete an Informed Consent and Release Form prior to testing. If the participant is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian will need to complete the form for them.    

 What to do before the baseline test day:

 1.     Register for test at

2.     Sign up for your time slot:

3.     Fill out and bring informed consent (attached)

4.     Get plenty of rest.

5.     Show up 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

6.     Email with any questions regarding your registration process.



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